The buildup: Mayweather vs Mc Gregor

Those who have been following the buildup to Mayweather and McGregor’s fight obviously know the loudest of the two.


McGregor has been making the rounds lately, taking verbal jabs at the welterweight champion, going as far as getting physical with Mayweather. But hold your horses, because the real physical is about to go down on the 26th.

So what’s Mayweather saying?

He’s saying McGregor is (wait for it…) fat. Oops, heavy… fat, choose one. You know, in the world of sports there are rules, and when you don’t meet up you don’t meet up.

Mayweather believes McGregor won’t meet up the 154-pound limit for the fight.

McGregor is about 164 pound heavy and will have to lose 10 pounds or a lot of pounds in fine.

In Mayweather’s words, “You got to get that weight down like a true champion. A true champion is disciplined and very responsible but we’ll see.”

Oops… that’s a jab back.

And what’s Gregor saying?

“I’m ready to go to war for 12 rounds and I’m ready to put him away early on.”

That’s what he’s saying.

So who do you think is going to win? The blabbermouth or may the welterweight champion just weather down punches and knock this guy down already.


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