Inside the mind of the rapist

Every so often I come across headlines such as these:

  • Man, 53, allegedly rapes eight-year-old girl
  • Pregnant 14-year-old girl claim stepbrother, dad rape her in turns
  • Boy rapes 5-year-old sister while playing hide and seek 


supposedly ‘indecent’ dressing. 


Many more similar headlines we come across every day. But it’s not only enough to read these gruesome headlines and be sober or angry.

In an ever evolving world such as ours, one has to go deeper than mere emotions and ask crucial questions.

Why do rapists rape?

There are so many factors that prompt a rapist, mostly psyschological. But let’s look at a rather common factor.

In many of the rape headlines, I come across these particular replies rapists give when asked why they did what they did:

“Her skirt was too short…”

“Her butt was too big…”

“She was looking at me like she wanted it.”  

And so many other savage replies.

One question lingers though; why is a woman’s dressing such a big deal?

I was in church (won’t mention) the other day when an announcement was made after the service. This is what the announcer said:

“Some married women alerted us of inappropriate dressing within the church. Please this is a house of God, and the way you’re dressed is the way you will be addressed…” 

To say I was shocked is an understatement. And to think that such slander of women was brought about by other (married) women scared that the single ladies in church might lure their husbands away with their ‘inappropriate’ dressing.

This is the same thinking that leads to rape. To think that one’s dressing or body is an invitation to verbally or sexually molest them is the mentality of rapists.

There appears to be a gap, a primitive sphere in the rapist’s mind, such that what he sees or hears is gobbled into one impulse of invasive action.

Her skirt was too short so the rapist just had to forcefully have sex with her.

She looked at him in a seductive way and that was his cue to land himself on her by force.

Or her body parts were too curvy so he couldn’t control himself.

It is not enough to put the rapist behind bars, that would just solve the problem temporarily.

What should be done is re-orientation. Wherever the rapist got his/her mentality from, it can be rewired. We need to get to the root cause of the rapist’s actions. We need to understand the rapist, know what triggers him.

A woman’s dressing should never be a trigger for rape.

Rape is one aspect civilization is failing to combat. We as humans have come too far to be pulled back by such primitive lapses.



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