Broken rule of law: Judge gets shot

Have you ever considered how ‘untouchable’ judges are?

I mean, they preside over cases involving really bad guys, talk about murderers, drug lords and the kinds. Yea, guys with a lot of anger and violence in them. Yet, these judges still get to drive home safe at night and sleep sound.

Well, not recently. A certain Judge, Joseph Bruzzese, was shot just outside a courthouse in Ohio, and injured. He managed to shoot back (where did the gun come from? Smart judge) before a probation officer killed the suspect (you gotta love the law, everyone’s a ‘suspect’).

Judge Joseph Bruzzese. Photo: WTOV-TV

Well, poor Judge Joseph Bruzzese is in the hospital, good news is he’s biting the bullet, he’d live.

But this incident unveils yet again the threat against judges and even lawyers alike.

Millions of cases are happening allover the world in thousand of courtrooms, and these advocates of the law are prone to danger every day of their lives.

Occupational hazards, right?

What baffles me is that no matter how sophisticated civilization gets, there are still some ‘primitive’ loopholes.


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