Blue racism: NY police claim victim

The New York police have coined a term: Blue racism.

They coined the term in response to the mistreatment they face at the hands of the public.

Need I remind the NY police that this ‘mistreatment’ didn’t pop out of nowhere. They started it! By killing innocent civilians. So what are they talking about here? Oh, so now they are the victims.


Ed Mullins, the Sergeant Benevolent Association president, told Fox News, “Cops are being shot at and killed just because they are cops.”

Hey! People are not crazy, no one will wake up one morning and start shooting at cops ‘just because they’re cops’. It started somewhere!

You see, the problem the police, worldwide, have is that they misread the public and their duty.

Remember Trayvor Martin who was shot in cold blood by a cop who had no business chasing after the 17-year-old? Remeber Philando Castile who was shot seven times in his car while his girlfriend’s 4-year-old daughter watched from behind (picture below: graphic)? Though you may have forgotten, but the internet remembers these actual victims of police brutality.




This is the problem: the police see themselves as different form the public. This is the delusion that plagues law enforcement, up to the extent that they refer to themselves as a ‘race’.

The police, anywhere in the world, are not a race. And the fact that the New York police think of themselves as a race is heartbreaking.

They need to be better educated.

The police need to be reminded that they are human beings. This may sound funny, but it’s a real problem. The orientation given to the police and even the military, actually plants an idea in their minds that they are different from others.

This is the case in Nigeria; the police and the public are forever estranged, because the police look at themselves as mini-gods.

The police, the military, are a percentage of the public that feel obliged to protect the whole.

Law enforcement is more of a mindset than it is a job.


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