After spending 104 days in London on medical leave, President Muhammadu Buhari resumed work only for Nigerians to receive yet another shocker; the President will be working from home.


For the supposedly ‘lame’ reason that his office is under indefinite renovation.

There have been rumors, mind you, that the illness of the President is more severe than the media would let on. Some sources even purporting that the President might be fighting a malignant form of prostrate cancer (see picture below).


If this be the case, then why cling on to power so desperately? Irrespective of the type of illness the President suffers from, he is obviously not active in duty, spending long spells of medical leave abroad that undermine the health sector of the country.

The President’s office being under renovation and all that appears as a facade in one too many attempts to hide the President’s actual state of health.

Where else in the world is it heard of that a President ‘works from home’?