Football and its shady deals

I knew it, I just knew that something wasn’t right about Neymar’s €222m record-breaking deal that snatched him from Barcelona to PSG.

Neymar joins PSG for a record-breaking €222m

Now FC Barcelona are suing Neymar to court, asking for €8.5m for contract breach.

What kind of contract breach?

Prior to the lawsuit, Neymar made some heartfelt statements about his former club.

And what were his statements? Read below

“There are people in charge that shouldn’t be there,” Neymar told reporters.

“Barca deserve much more and everyone knows that.”

Definitely these statements were bound to hurt Barcelona’s Board, and they’ve rightfully come for him in turn.

However the rally goes, what is known is that there is clear unsettlement at FC Barcelona. I’m guessing Neymar is speaking on behalf of his former teammates, airing their pains for them.

Running a football club is no easy task, but one thing is not negotiable, which is the happiness of the players. Every manager knows this, every Board knows this.

All said and done, I hope the issue is resolved quickly, because such unneeded media attention could affect the performance of the players.


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