Stabbing attacks: 3 dead in Finland, Germany

Sad news; 3 people have been confirmed dead and several others injured in stabbing attacks in Finland and Germany. The attacks took place on Friday afternoon (8/18/2017).

The Finland police shot the suspected assailant and later arrested him.

The stabbing attacks in Finland too place in central Turku; the Central Market and Puutori-Market Squares.

“It was really horrible. We were sitting on a terrace just next to the square and this woman just screamed like hell and this guy was standing in front of her with a huge knife just stabbing people,” a witness told the CNN.

Only two hours later in Dusseldorf, Germany, a man was killed and another man seriously wounded in a stabbing attack at a store.

This is another in a string of attacks around Europe, a day after the Barcelona attack.

Europe is really vulnerable.

Let’s observe a moment of silence for the dead please.


Photocredit:  AFP / KIRSI KANERVA


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