Scammers almost make away with $120,000


Nigeria is a beautiful country. Well, no country is without its woes, and once in a blue moon these woes pop out. This time, it’s two Nigerians. What did they do? They scammed a retiree couple of $120,000.

Steve and Andrea were back from a trip only to realise that something was terribly wrong with their retirement money. They logged into their account only to find out that the balance was a null and void ZERO $0. The shock… I mean I lose a quid or two and I’m already panicking, headaches and all, so I can only Imagine Steve and Andrea’s shock on finding out that a life’s worth of work is missing.

So these two unruly Nigerians liquidated this couple’s account. The check had gone out and they were gonna pick it, but fortunately, Andrea and Steve alerted the police who waylaid the scammers and recovered the money, $120,000 in total.

Nigeria is a beautiful country, my country, and I love my country, and I’m prepared to do things the right way to be successful, not going around scamming people. In fact, Nigerians are victims of such atrocities. It’s a global issue, and everyone has to be heads up.

Picture of the victims below…



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