Man shoots wife and lover dead

I know it’s painful to catch your wife or even your girlfriend on your bed with another. The pain, the explosion in your brain, the anger, threaten to take over you. And in that moment, you can do anything to rationalise what you see, like, kill. Yes, kill.

And kill is what 42-year-old Juan Carlos Garcia did when he entered the room and saw his naked wife and her lover having sex. At around 9pm on August 4, Carlos Garcia pulled the trigger on his wife and her lover. He obviously couldn’t control his rage. Anger issues?

He initially got a tip-off from the security guard who had been suspecting his wife for a while. Carlos pretended to go to work before catching them in the act, just like in the movies. And guess what? They have 3 kids! ‘Daddy shot mummy’ is all they’re going to be thinking about for a long while.

The Colombian police called it a ‘horrific crime of passion’. Isn’t that description a bit too rosy? It’s law, but it sounds like something from a romance novel.

This is what the suspect told the police, “She was unfaithful and sullied my honour as a man. All I did was remove the woman who destroyed my life in this world.”

Read inbetween those words and see a man of principles but with anger issues. And to think there are many men like Carlos out there in marriages just waiting to explode. In fact, they are already exploding right now, waiting to be read in the news.

picture below, whatever you can make of it…






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