Rihanna is hot!

We’ve all seen Rihanna on TV, but on days like this we get reminded of how incredibly hawt she is. The superstar is a party freak, no understatement. I mean, I had to look at her pics (below) over and over again (the curves, man!).

So this is Rihanna at the Crop Over Festitival hosted in Barbados, an historic event that attracts thousands all over the world.

Okay, back to Rihanna. Look at this baby glistering in crystals. I mean, look at the gladiator sandals, thigh-high, turquoise hair. Just look at her, she’s a delight!

Okay okay, enough talk, more show. Beware, colours that could actually blind ya eyes. Hahahaha!


Look at her move! Tell you can’t stare at that for minutes on end… hahahahaha.

And this is her in the previous episodes of the event. Hey! You can look, but you can’t have.




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