2 heads are better than 1

Say you have a business idea and you envision yourself executing this idea. You want to be the founder, the CEO, the everything, just you. You read about billionaires who ‘did it all by themselves’. But one thing that you don’t know is that no one ever got to the top alone. I mean, someone has to hold the ladder, right?

And you’re wondering why your idea hasn’t become a reality. First thing you should know is that the stories you hear of ‘I did it all by myself’ are lies. No one did it all by himself. Everybody needs help. Think about it, if you didn’t need help, then you’d be the only person in the world. Why are there seven billion of us? Because we rely on each other!

So start thinking of a co-founder, start discussing your idea with like minds. Partner up. It won’t kill you. Yea, you’re full of confidence and all that, you’re good to go, etc etc, but then you’ve not encountered any measure of success. So take my advice.

Besides, it’s lonely up there, so wouldn’t you rather be with someone?


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