Humility: the principle

Today I visited a job consultant someone referred me to. The fact that you’re going into entrepreneurship doesn’t completely obliterate the relevance of the day job in your life. So I set out today to find myself that supporting day job. I walked into the office and the secretary told me to wait a little, that her boss isn’t around. So I waited, and eventually the boss came around. I stepped into his corner of the office space, and as I was talking I made to sit down. The next thing I heard startled me so badly that I didn’t even know how to react.

“Who told you to sit down?”

‘What the hell?’ was my expression. Who told me to sit down?? I walk into your office as a potential customer and I cannot sit down? Was his sentence meant to be a test or something? I mean, I was confused and somewhat angry. This guy, the so called boss of the tiny office, is a young guy like myself. Sourcing for job for people is no reason to be proud! Because your market as a job consultant is forever brimming in a third-world country is no reason why you should appoint yourself a god that people can’t sit down in front of until you give them the permission. Well, I found my way out of his rotten office and I’m not so sure I’m going back.

If there’s anything I learnt growing up, is humility. No matter who you come across, beggar or billionaire, be humble. The way you talk to people matter. You feel you’re the smartest business man/woman in the world is no reason for you to talk down to people. Look at Mark Zuckerberg as an example, he came to Nigeria in the same grey T-shirt he wears every other place, while some Nigerians expected him to come in in a pompous fashion. This guy did his regular morning workout, and some Nigerians were asking why a billionaire should be jugging on the streets. Humility, though a basic principle of life, is not common.

Pride comes before a fall. Comment below, have you come across proud, and how did you react toward them?


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