I’m making some changes to my blog; the theme, pages and so on. I have learnt a lot these past months I’ve been away. I fell in love, and she happened to be a woman with contagious drive. I have learnt a lot from her. And I am still learning more with her. Something was missing in me, a corporate understanding of life. I watched her handle the affairs of her non-profit organisation – Kate Tales Foundation (promotes girl child education, empowerment, and emerging writer’s development). And I learnt from her zeal and professionalism.

Many people have ideas, but they lack execution. And this is because they have a limited understanding of the world around them. And sometimes, all it takes is meeting the right person that will spark that drive in you. We are like forces, human beings, and we affect each other. You might be moving on a path until someone comes along and offsets you. This could be either good or bad.

I plan to share my experiences with you, so stay tuned and keep up with the changes.


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