Love is a very powerful emotion, one that is everywhere. We can’t do without love; we need love and we also need to love. It’s an existential need. The show of compassion, the letting out of the heart; empathy.

Once in a while when we are about to fall in love, we doubt. We doubt if we’re ready, we doubt if we’d be accepted. Of course no one likes to be rejected, it makes the heart cave in on itself. So we might often come to the realisation that we need to make some little personality adjustments to fit into the condition of love.

I know, love doesn’t judge, love accepts you the way you are… that’s true. But even in life, change is ever constant. Everything changes. But in the case of love, the change isn’t a complete shift from who you are to something else, no, it is only a matter of making minor adjustments. You know what the person at the other end of your heart wants, and you’re willing to bend a little to give the person just what they want.

It’s called making sacrifices.