This is not happening

We are in the car; mum, dad, myself, and my two younger brothers. We are driving to our hometown. Mum and dad are discussing, something about a high-profile person, they usually talk about the news when we’re on journeys like this. Soon enough we swerve unto a patch of land beside the road. There’s a young man in his early thirties standing some distance away. Dad halts directly beside him. My brother opens the door and he comes in.

“We need you to kill someone for us,” mum says.

What the hell! This guy is an assassin! No, something’s wrong. Mum would never ask for someone to be killed. And dad is in on this too? No, something is definitely wrong. Mum and dad are devout Christians, so how could they possibly ask for someone to be killed? Is this something to do with the church? I feel so woozy right now. This is so not happening. This guy looks darn serious, mum and dad too. Mum tells him the name of the high-profile target but I don’t pick it up. I feel so lightheaded. I think the guy is asking for a time and place. He gives mum a scraggy piece of paper with a pen and mum scribbles something down. This is so not happening, jeez! They tell me to go down and follow him, that I’d be assisting him with the assassination.

Mum and dad zoom off with my brothers. I think I’m going to fall sick. I feel pale in my head. Why should I be assisting him, isn’t it his job? We walk to a shed where he keeps his weapons. He gives me orders to get a few things for him. I don’t like his voice, it’s harsh. He’s setting metallic things that look like tongs at different angles, he’s also jotting numbers down. This is serious. I think he’s going to snipe his target. This is all too dreadful to watch.

After a couple of hours, mum and dad pull over at the road beside the shed. Thank goodness they came to get me, I thought I was going to be with the guy at some rooftop at the moment he preps for the shot. The car is different, green. The roof of the car opens and somehow I’m meant to jump in. But what happened to doors? I step on the bonnet and drop in. My brothers adjust a little for me to sit well.

What if they’re caught? What would happen if mum and dad go to prison? Are we going to hear of the target in the news tomorrow? What made mum and dad do this?


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