Creativity is noble, writing is a noble life path. It might not bring you money or glory, but it might bring you self-fulfilment, although that might depend on money and fame. Well, these are the things a writer must go through; the times of doubt and self pity. These are trying times.

Well, I’d advice you; go into business, and leave writing alone. Or better still, transform your writing into a business. You need money, yea you might not look at money as something serious, but you need it. You love to write, but you’d need to eat and clothe yourself and whatnot.

These days, I’m not really thinking of writing anymore, I’m thinking of making money. Or let me just say I’m thinking in line with ideas. I have catchy ideas, but either I need to be patient (time) or I need to go full force on them. I don’t know. Or maybe they’re not realistic.

Or maybe I should just get a job. Or maybe I’m tired of life. Could I be many things at once? I guess I could.

Do I talk about myself too much? If you ask me, I’d say not much enough. I personally think I’m interesting (but I’d leave it to you). And I think that if someway I could duplicate my mind’s squabbles on paper, then I’d have done something very noble.

Am I too full of myself? Why do I regard my mind so highly? What makes it different from others? Pride, ego, I guess a bit of both. I am consumed with myself. And I think the world hates me for being all about myself, daringly individualistic. But fuck the world, I say. The world is weak.

It’s 10:45 a.m. and I must say, I hate daylight, too bright. My words flow less during the day and more at night. Okay, I could close the curtains and create a dim hue in the room, but then the heat.

Well, maybe I’d just stop here. And hey, don’t you dare think I’m weird. I’m just being REAL. When last were you real? Uh? Learn from me. You care too much about what the world would think of you if you wrote exactly what was in your mind. You care too much that your mind is dirty. Yea, that’s why it’s called the mind, cos it’s dirty and no one should be in it except you. But hey, it so happens that bringing the dirtiness out could fetch you some money. Look at J.K Rowling , for example, she brought out the dirtiness in her mind in the form of magic (Harry Potter) and the whole whole grappled at her expression, and millions of quids fell off, millions enough to form a billion.

So, what you keeping to yourself for? Do you want to show the magic in your mind or not? Do you know one thing about the mind? It is magic itself. Things in the mind are thwarted and twisted, and worlds are formed. The mind is the house of magic. Everybody’s mind is magical, but not everybody believes in magic. Writing is magical. Words are things of magic.

Don’t be shy to express yourself. Express, don’t depress. Bring out your emotions. Search deeper. There’s something in there you have so say, something that’d get the world going, something magical. You can learn to control your mind, to tap into it’s reserves. You can learn to call forth words as though calling a spell from a wand’s tip.

Let me tell you a story:

There was once a man who had the world, and yet he was sad. He didn’t know why. He had money, he had wives and children, he had estates, he was king of the world, and yet he was sad. He decided to go on a quest, a quest to figure out his sadness. He crossed many deserts and streams, until he came to a desolate place where neither men nor babes abided. He grew tired and weary. He found a rock the shape of a disc, and he started to scribble upon that rock. And then somewhere in the middle of his scribblings, he figured out why he was sad. He was sad because, though he had gained the world, he failed to express his true self.

We can learn from the story of that man. Express yourself. Don’t care if people call you weird or crazy, that’s their business. You’re not in the world for them. Your purpose is to express your mind till your last breath. Leave something behind, something that transcends human life. It doesn’t matter whether people read your work or not, what matters is that you consistently express yourself.


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