Small Me. Hehehe

I’m sitting on the keyboard. The light from the screen is blasting at my face. I feel so small, like I could just crawl and punch any letter with my spindly hand. I feel like a baby. Wow! The laptop is so big!

How did I get here? Right now I don’t care, it feels so real. Tiny me sitting on a giant laptop. Can I write this way? Crawl and punch, crawl and punch? The space bar is about the length of my arm! I could headbutt the ENTER button and my head will bounce right off. Or maybe I could just meditate, you know, get rid of the excitement and draw it all in.

I could use my tongue to navigate the cursor from the touchpad. It’d be all wet. Or maybe I should just sleep on the platform and dream sweet dreams. Or maybe I should tiptoe to the screen and kiss it. What shall I do with myself?

I am so small and the keyboard is so big. Hehehehe


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