Really, I’d rather just rest back and think about my problems, Nigeria’s and the world’s. I’d rather just sit back and think of how creativity is both ignored and unrewarded. I’d rather just give up on the world. But I have to write. For one, I’m not ready yet to check out of this world like some great thinkers (and writers) did, cos really, the world is all carcass. From politics to religion, counterfeit at best.

The reality is that creative people are a million times fewer than the rest, and half the time, the masses don’t know what we prattle about. The masses hold the money, they sustain the economy. And when they can’t connect with our work, we suffer the hard way. We are different, in our thinking, in the way we see nature and the world. We are deep, intelligent. I’m not saying this to gratify myself and other creatives, but these are the bases of creativity. I’m not going to wait for someone to tell me I’m a genius, and I’m not alone either, but we are very few.

We, creative people, are like messengers. We are here for a reason, most of which is to express ourselves. Money or no money, comfort or no comfort, we must keep on pushing the limits of expression. This is our curse, our duty, an obligation. We won’t give up because the masses can’t understand us. We won’t give up because the world keeps playing politics and neglecting the value of life. We just won’t give up. So what’s your war against us? You have decided to close your mind, to kneel to the pettiness around you. Is it any fault of ours? Is it our fault that we can see through your bullshit? We CHOOSE to see, we were not all born this way. We choose to dig deep, to travel the farthest crevices of the mind. We choose to ask and know. So your fight isn’t with us, it is with yourselves.

We don’t need your money, I don’t need your money. I have enough currency in my mind to last a thousand lifetimes, something you would never understand. So keep your earthly money and mundane mind. Because I’m on a mission, and when I see it through, I’d be out of here before you can say my name. Some things are hitherto more important than money and comfort. But you can’t see it. Oh, you think I’m scared of death? Hahahaha! I wine and dine with death every day! You think fear of suffering or death will make me jump into the ring with you, tearing and wrenching for that flimsy idea called money? Then think again. You think it’s because you’re many then you’re in control? Perhaps that’s another way nature uses and dumps you, because you’re so many.

I welcome death and discomfort
I welcome pain and agony
I welcome art and expression.


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