Deep Love

I love her. I swear I do. The kind of love that makes your heart beat abnormally. I love that she doesn’t pretend, that she is continually herself. Each time I think of her, I want her more. I want her essence. I want to travel with her, to take her places she has never been, to show her depths of which she has never dreamed. Oh, how can I love this pearl of the earth? How can I uplift her soul? I want my soul to blend with hers. I want her flame to consume me. How can I love this princess any more than I love her? I want to be caught in the avalanche that is her hair. I want to lose myself in her smile. I want her face to be the last thing I see on this earth. I want to find warmth in her hands.

I love her with the spontaneity of eleven nuclear bombs. I wish to mesmerise her with songs. Oh baby, I love you to shreds. I love you with the urgency of seven simultaneous bank heists. I want to be the waves of your fluttering fabric. Make me the brightness behind your smile. Make me fall in love with you and raise me up again. For if love were a bottomless pit, then I want to fall forever. Destroy me and remake me again. For I am yours.

For your love I give up the world. For what is life without your love? Go, baby, and I will follow. Trundle the ends of the earth and I will trudge behind. Your love is all I need. Your love is never too much for me. For if love were water, then I choose to drown in the deepest parts of your love. For if love were life, then I choose to be immortal. I want you, baby, more and more each day. Kiss me and give me life. Breathe and give me hope. Blink and give me choice. Smile and give me sleep. I can never run out of words to tell how much I love you. For if love were words, I’d fill the earth with scribbles of you.

You are the fire in my veins, and I love you with the heat of a thousand suns. You are the one that keeps me going. You are the force that is my soul. Take me baby, mould me into your masterpiece. I give myself to you, baby, never let me go. Give yourself to me, my love, let me adore you. Let me be the essence that is your soul. Let me be the farthest crevices of your mind. Let me be your protector, not a whiff of wind shall greet you without my tell. Not a patch of land shall accept your step without my inspection. Say a word, baby, and I shall reverse the flow of time to give you what you seek before you speak of it. For I love you more than life itself, and no pen shall write that won’t write of you.


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