Words, spindly things
What do you mean?
Why do you exist?
Why do I read you?
Why are your symbols like that?
Why is r shaped like a walking stick?
Why is O hollow?

I don’t understand you
I don’t know what you mean
All I see are symbols
And more symbols, and more
Why do people use you?

You’re meaningless to me
You’re just too many
Why are you too many?
What do you all mean?
What do you want from me?

Why don’t I understand you?
Why are you alien to me?
Why are you made of symbols?

Why does X cross like that?
Why is D that daring?
Why is V so convenient?
Why is e so eery?
Why is L so lowly?
Why is A so stable?
Why is B so booby?
And C so careless?
Why is f such a failure?
Why is g eggy?
Why does h have a hunch?
Why is i so mysterious?
And j jumpy?
K, so combative
M, so motherly
N, ever so negative
and why is P pally?
Q, an O queried by a stake
Why is S so twisted?
t, always so infantile
U, forever unifying
W, so wanton
Why is Y confused?
Z, Zombified

I don’t understand you
And it’s driving me crazy


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