Writing tips 08

How often do you write?

Do you know that it is possible for someone to always be writing without break? There’s always something to say, and once there is something to say then there is something write. The trick is your mood. Every minute of every day you feel a certain way, and if you can decipher this way that you feel, then you can squeeze your creative juices to narrate what you feel.

Feeling is the centre of writing. If you’re telling a story, you have to feel the characters. If you’re writing an article (like this one), you also have to feel the topic. You feel a certain way right now. Ask yourself what that feeling is. Can you write it down, whatever it is? I believe that the English language is well equipped to transform all forms of expression; from existential feelings to feelings of love to feelings of hatred, anything at all.

Some people find it difficult to transcribe their feelings. Say, the right words don’t come so often. This is normal. The process of creativity isn’t a defined path, everyone has their way to expression. I personally have kind of figured that complex words complicate expression. It is better to use the simplest words in direct expression of self and maybe go back to check synonyms of basic words later.

A storyteller always has a story to tell. There is always a character to be saved or to die. Do you know that stories actually never end? Think of every book you’ve read, do you know that the authors of those books could go on and on ad infinitum? A story has no end! We just end stories as a matter of convenience. I mean, imagine a book of one million pages and counting, there’d never be enough active time for people to read such a book. Notwithstanding, the storyteller could go on and on.

Mood swings are a crucial part of storytelling. Your feelings are always changing. How you feel now could be remarkably different from how you’d feel in say, five minutes. Mood swings dictate the tempo and theme of telling. We look to control our moods. It is of utmost importance for an artistic person to make sure that his/her feelings don’t completely override. You don’t want to be a slave to your moods. Sometimes you leg go and other times you shepherd.

There is always something to write and read. Books take you places when you read them. A writer has taken his time to write a book, the book gets published and people read it. I read books to dream. I’m not critical of writing styles and whatnot. Just make sure that what you write leads me on, transcends me. Though for me, the hunger to write is way more than the hunger to dream.

Books are different from your feelings. At different points in the duration of a day, you might feel the need to write different things owing to your mood swings. A book requires that you stay on track, but actually, ideas and emotions don’t flow one way. As a writer (or storyteller) you should express yourself all the time. Even while reading books you can write, you should, because a sentence or paragraph makes you feel a certain way, and you should pause and write that feeling. Reading is a form of writing. People’s work should make you add your own. Art is measured by the ability of others to contribute. So, a good work of fiction or nonfiction should make you want to add your own.

So find a place to scribble your thoughts. Expressing your mood swings is more important that writing a book. In fact, your crazy mood swings could be coupled to form a book. Just write, that’s the trick. Write. Write through your moods; pain, happiness, love, lust, tragedy, horror… just express yourself. Let your pen bleed.


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