Writing tips 07

Plots change.

This is the reason why I can hardly beat my chest and say I have a plot for a story.
I’d love to map out a story and stick to it verbatim. But wishes are not horses.

Mood swings, it’s all about mood swings.

The original idea comes to you, and you cook up other ideas from there. Now you think you have your plot. You put it on paper to the letter. But what you fail to understand is that the same way the original idea came to you, is the same way another idea could come and change everything.

In engineering you learn something, that everything is susceptible to change.
Your characters are variables.
Your setting is indeed a variable.
Your writing style is another variable (there are numerous writing techniques).
Your twists are variables.
Your targeted word count is yet another variable.
I could go on and on…

This is the state of my mind and the mind of others who can’t use a plot.
Everything’s changing every second. The storyline is changing, ideas, twists.

This is my horror. Yes! It is a horror in itself, cos you suffer this way trying to squeeze out the creative juices each time (well, tragedy is my genre, so I welcome all kinds of sufferings).

Now, to the hardcore believers in plotting, when you meet someone who doesn’t plot or who doesn’t know how to, don’t start making up ideas about the person. Remember that the way your wheels spin is not the same for everyone else.


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