Writing tips 03

The world of words is different from the reality we’re all used to.
Meaning that, the pictures words paint aren’t physical. They are ethereal. And both writers and readers can tap into this world of words.

Words take you somewhere without dimensions. A feeling becomes a place. Thought becomes action. Words become sound. Transcendence.

So you don’t always have to have a perfect visualization before you start scribbling. Words themselves make their own worlds.
It is very possible to write without knowing what the hell you’re writing about. But that you feel you’re making sense.

Words are not visual, auditory, in fact they could be unconnected with any of the senses and still make sense. How? Because they are not physical. The world of words is ethereal.


It is only because I have written that word that we can physically see it. But ask yourself, what is love? It’s a word. But what does it feel or mean to you? No one can tell you that. Only you can make your own connection.

Writers, when you write, tap not from physical cognition. Listen to the words speak to you. Focus on the words and not the picture in your head. Words and pictures are two different worlds. Don’t get them twisted. It is possible to write a piece without visualising.

Focus on the words, and not the pictures. Don’t mix words and visualisations.

Shh… They’re speaking to you. Listen.


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