Writing tips 02

When you study your vocabulary, it has a tremendous effect on you.
Your thoughts change, even your dreams change.
And you don’t get to be bored anymore because words are like play things.

Don’t expect to grasp a new word immediately. It takes time, and practice. You have to repeatedly study the word.

You don’t have to be a writer or poet to study new words.
Look at it this way, you speak English, it is a language you use to express yourself. Then why not get better at it?

If you enrich your vocabulary, even your bosses at work will feel the changes in you. Your family would notice your articulated speech. You might even get your friends and your boo a bit jealous (that’s something).

Don’t let a stray word pass you by. In every newspaper article or mag or novel or short story you read, there’s bound to be at least one word you do not know or you’ve forgotten.
Good, these days there are a million dictionary apps on play store or app store, so you really don’t have an excuse. Download one (I use WordWeb), and quickly check the word, or better still, jot it down for future reference.

It also pays to have the old-fashioned hard copy dictionary. For one, it is more comprehensive, and it is way more resourceful. I can’t stress enough the importance of owning a hard copy dictionary.
I mean, everything’s in the dictionary! Everything.
Take a dictionary, peruse the pages, and see how far back you are.
Names and pictures of everyday objects are there, world map, fruit and tree names, names of every animal and insect. In short, everything is there.

No matter who you are, you owe it to yourself to improve your vocabulary.
Express yourself better.


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