Writing tips 01

How much comfort, time, peace of mind, financial stability and family cooperation do you need to write?

My answer is NONE. Yes, bite me, chew me, slander me, but my answer stays.

Enough of the excuses.

“Work won’t let me write.”

“Family responsibilities won’t let me write.”

“NEPA won’t let me write.”

“Friends and fellow wannabe writers are not supportive.” (This was my excuse)

“Lack of laptop won’t let me write.”

“Bad economy… Fuel scarcity…”

And so on. But enough of these excuses.

There are two kinds of people; those that write, and those than don’t.
There is no in-between.

Your excuses in themselves are scenes and storylines.
Write about how hectic work is and how it interferes with your creative process.
Write about the bad economy.
Write about epileptic power supply.
Write about APC and PDP and how their boyscout games are messing up the country.
Write about a family that won’t let you write.

You have ZERO excuse for not writing.

Are you are a writer or not? Then shut the fuck up and write.


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