For real?

I’m super intelligent, with a freaky I.Q, but I have a gambling problem. Over the years I have incurred a lot of debt. And even if I’m so smart to pay off any conceivable debt, I find myself stranded most times and at the mercy of loan sharks. But not today.

I’m in my brother’s office on the 20th floor. His secretary walks in.

“Sir, there are people here to see you.”

‘Something’s fishy,’ I think instantly. People here to see him, “people”?

I start brainstorming; the tone with which the secretary delivered the message was as though the ‘people’ overwhelmed her. The change is almost unperceivable, but not to me. Was she anxious? Hard to notice in that dress, but really I must concentrate. There was something cold about the way she said ‘people’. I have to connect the dots, and fast. My mind goes wild. My brother is perusing files on his desk.

“Let them in,” he says.

Something’s wrong, I know it. And in the second she goes out to tell them to come in, I must figure it all out.

Okay, what are the odds, how many times have ‘people’ come to see him? C’mon, he receives businessmen on a daily basis. I’m really the only anxious one here, and bro and his secretary appear calm, well within the confines of business-like expressions. Maybe I’m building castles in the air again, yea, downside of being super smart. But I’m smart enough to know that my brain is worried. So damn the odds.

As the first man appears at the doorway my suspicions become real. They’ve found me, somehow they followed me.

There’s a truck approaching the building, it’s carrying mattresses.

I break the thick wall with a punch and I jump, from the 20th floor.

I fall hard on the mattresses, same truck.

I ricochet and land on the road with my feet. I stagger a few steps and straighten up afterwards.

I make for the ATM and hack it. I pull out the money and move on. Shit! A camera was staring at me the whole time. The authorities are going to be on to me soon, I better find a safe zone.

It’s happening again. I’m changing. Just at the nick of time. I have to make for the woods as I often do. Just as I approach the scrubs, I change.

I’m a dinosaur.

And I’m green, just like the leaves and bushes. My forelimbs are raised high, and I’m supported by my bulky legs. I’m greeted by friends, one dinosaur in front and the other at my back. We are all playful and homely and green. Hours later, I change back.

My so-called friends become my worst nightmare. They are chasing me. I’m no longer a dinosaur, I’m now human. I run and run for my life. These guys were just playing with me, and now they want to eat me! I run until I come across a building in sight, a bungalow. I enter, I should be safe here.

I walk to the door across me and I open it. There are people just in front, they circle me. Damn! Could these be the authorities, or the loan sharks? I muster energy to fight, but I’m already tired from being chased by the dinosaurs.

“Chill, bro, we just think you’re cool and we want to hang out with you.”

Phew! ‘Okay, I can hang out,’ I think.

We open the door leading outside, and there’s a priest. He appears to be giving sermon. There’s another priest saying Mass in the adjacent room.

Something’s fishy.




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