from Hell

“Ashiratur humsala boomba ramzee ramzar!”

“What the hell is that, man?” Victor asked.

Joe was calling the devil from underneath the earth; hell.

“It’s the demise of all!” Joe laughed a most wicked laugh.

The earth began to rumble, and the clouds began to thunder. Victor was scared. The graveyard looked ever more creepy. Joe was in his robes, black robes, holding the forbidden book and speaking tongues never heard in the history of mankind.

“What you doing man? You gotta stop this, Joe!” but Joe laugh all the more.

“Arribasuki! Arabashuma!! Ubasikanobis! Umdishaktarboomsavaladum!” and the earth gave way.

Then something stuck its hand out, and shrill laughter followed. This thing was deprived of all flesh.

“Jesus, man, what the hell have you done, Joe?” Victor squalled.

“What does it look like I’ve done? I just raised hell!” Joe laughed horrendously.FROMHELL

Its two devilish hands were outside, scurrying for the earth. And with a little more effort, the sinister thing was out and thronging. Joe knelt, and signalled Victor to kneel as well.

“Master,” Joe uttered.

Its eyes were bloody red.

“What do we do now, Joe?”


Victor could tell it needed to feed. It spoke.

“Ayam kurmin fore yoo hall toonaiyt!”


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