Rachel and Vanessa

I was in the bathroom flossing when I heard my girlfriend call my name from the parlour.

“Daniel! Come here right now!”

I’ve heard that pitch of voice before, and I could tell she was really angry. I didn’t know why. I dropped the floss on the sink and made for the parlour.

“Rachel, what’s the matter?” I asked placidly.

“I just finished talking with Vanessa, and she told me the most disconcerting news ever! You tried to flirt with her. Are you stupid, Dan? You know she’s my best friend.”

Rachel was still in her nightgown, and her angry movements fluttered her nightwear making her attractive. She waited for a reply, but I didn’t give her one. I looked at her. I paused.

I took steps towards my sexy looking girlfriend and I made for her lips. I kissed her voraciously and bundled her to the wall. I kissed her more. I could feel her trying to ask what the kisses were for, but I swallowed her words. I tucked her leg up and undid her robes. I then kissed her allover her body, then I made vigorous love to her. She moaned.

After the ordeal, Rachel asked me, “But honey, why?” I replied, “Because I love you.”

After a while, I knew Vanessa was going to be pissed at me. I was watching a show on the TV, in boxers, when Vanessa came in and slapped me.

“Daniel, how could you do this to me? After making love to me yesterday then you go ahead and fuck your girlfriend? Where’s the love you swore you had for me?”

I looked at her. I didn’t reply.

I took steps towards my secret lover and I kissed her strongly and I…

You see, Rachel and Vanessa are one in the same. Now Rachel is going to be pissed.


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