on Writing

Hunger is good for writing.

Have you noticed that when you feed yourself often your creativity becomes foggy in a way?

For you to write something that matters, you must feel some pain. It is very important to feel this pain, it’s empathy. A writer is an Empath.

Starving yourself a little is no harm at all. Try it and you’d see changes in your writing. Your body digs deeper when you’re hungry and so does your mind.

You must feel some discomfort, you must. This is inevitable in the craft of writing. You can’t write about tragedy and have biscuit and juice in front of you. Your tongue is tasting sweetness and you’re writing about pain, see, it doesn’t make sense.

These days, food abhors me. I see it now as a luxury in improving my writing skills, one I can’t afford to indulge.

Eat a little, very little, enough to keep your body going. Food is dangerous for the mind. Once you have food in your tummy, your brain busies at digesting that food. So much energy is distracted towards converting food to energy (most of which is waste) and you have little for the creative process.

For you to dig deep, you have to feel discomfort. You must.


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