Be Calm


You see that lady. Can you guess what’s she’s thinking? Nothing. She’s thinking nothing. She is in the position to let her thoughts escape, to empty her mental vessels. She’s meditating by the sea, which to me is a very spiritual place to meditate.

She’s one with herself, thus she’s one with nature. She’s at peace, she’s calm.

Of course, she has worries, but this is her time, the time in which she suspends all worries. During this time, she’s free in the now. She’s “conscious”.


Yes, this is important in the quest for achieving calmness. Most times we are trapped in our pasts and we can’t resolve, and as a consequence we become unhappy and restless.

So this is the deal. You’re going to heal from the past, at least you’re going to try. You have to forgive yourself. Breathe. Cry even, if you have to. Feel nature’s love and care, feel her intensity. You are one, you are you.

Be calm.


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