I’m on my bed. I still feel like sleeping more. My jaw is funny and my gum is swollen. I think I just had one of those dreams. I’m twisting on my bed, and my gun still feels swell, like it wants to dart out my teeth. I’m so uncomfortable. Why should gum feel this way? I know it’s not actually swollen, but my teeth feels funny.

I need to wake up, I know, maybe this feeling is all in my dreamy head. And the spasm is tingly and somewhat sweet. I’ve been thinking too much, maybe it’s the blood pressure. I’ve been straining my mind, trying to get words on paper. Then these dreams, I have these dream that linger, they swell my head as if I were in the spirit world.

Uncle Uru told me once that when someone’s in the spirit world, they’d feel their heads swell, like it is all incomprehensible to them. That’s the way all my nights feel these days, almost all.

I drift back into dreaming, and the feeling is worse, it’s bad, really bad. I feel my jaw pumping, the hurt is sweet but troubling. My teeth are swelling, so I think. I know my gum is going to bleed when I wake for real, that’s for sure.
It’s getting worse still, the gum doesn’t feel like gum anymore. My dentition has gone haywire. My teeth squeezing out of my gum like they were some liquid in a boil. The sensation is eerily engaging, but my head is upended by this happening.

After a while, I know that the deed has happened, that my mouth is in a horrible state. By now my teeth should have all uprooted inside my mouth and it’s all slimy. My adult mouth should look like an infant’s. I feel destroyed in my head, like a nuke went kaboom in my head.

I open my mind’s eye, and I can see the monstrosity, all of it. It’s ugly.



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