My name is Shawn, Shawn Walker, and what do I do? I walk. Yea, I know how that sounds, it sounds unreal, but I’d tell my story, you just stay put.

I started walking ever since I was little, you know, baby steps here and there, and things went that way for quite a while. Mum usually said that I started walking early, she’d go like, “You should have seen him, he was literally walking after nine months!” anyways, mothers say a lot of posh things. But it’s true, I was walking all that while, and what’s even more engaging is that I remember it all. I remember when I was a month old, two months old, three, and so on. And how possible is that? Well, I used to walk in secret when I was just a month old, but I never let them know. Why? They’d have thought I was a superman baby! But not really, I was simply born to walk the Earth. It’s that simple.

Now I walk, I walk and walk and walk. Sometimes it makes little or no sense. “Why do you walk this much?” And I truly don’t know the answer to that question. I walk East, West, North and South. I could walk thousands of miles and my feet won’t ache. Yea, it’s like magic. I just keep walking, because that’s what I do best.

My name is Shawn Walker, and I’m a walker.