Ballad of the Princess and the Frog

get me my golden ball
stood a slimy frog so tall
whatever could u do for me
if your love for me will be
neither pearls nor jewels I seek
said the little frog so meek

the princess got her ball with joy
and left so playfully with her toy
it could never get out she said
off the fountain cool, in the greenwood shade
open the door, my princess dear
open the door to thy true love here

and so she kept to her word
and opened the door to little frog lord
and when the frog had well much fed
it asked of her to go to bed
little did she know of the fairy’s charm
that brought the prince no less than harm

and so he told his story to the princess
who could hardly think of him any less
follow me to my father’s kingdom
and there we’d stay and make our home
off on horses of plumes and golden harness
so they lived for many many years



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