The Last Stand. Part 1

The steel doors were pushed aside as the body of the Security guard
assigned was toppled on the tiled surface.  A team of masked men armed
with assault rifles stormed into the air-conditioned room.
The room was filled with customers. It was December 24th and the
paychecks had come just then. The withdrawals Section was the most
populated section. The men released a few rounds of gunfire into the
The men were eight in all. The leader,a broad-chested fellow barked
orders as the men began their takeover. They had all the customers
rounded up,including three guards.
The hostages numbered fifty. They all whimpered as the men instilled
fear in them. Three of the gunmen rustled the bank staff. The
Manager’s office was hit with a single round and the glass walls
The leader began speaking. ‘Hello,Everyone. I am not the evil one
here. I am merely on a mission. When,I am done with that,I will take
my leave. Your bank has something I want. In 1983,a chest of diamonds
was stolen by a bunch of thieves. It was rumoured that the thieves
were caught and the diamonds recovered. The diamonds are in your vault
and I want them.’
The Manager was striken with fear. That was the bank’s most prized
artifact. ‘Sir,I am the manager. I am Mr Kola.’ As soon as he said
this,a rifle was rammed into his stomach. A trickle of blood began to
form from his mouth.
‘I am not interested in that. My business is with the diamonds. My
people here are hired to kill and kill they will if you tell me about
your stupid name.’ The leader spoke coolly.

(to be continued…)

by Michael Ifeanyi Akuchie


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