Girl o Girl

Girl o girl
Tell me, whom do you love
You claim you love me
Are these mere words
Words you blithely enunciate
To becharm my capricious mind

Girl o girl
You are running out of time

Tick tack tick tack
Men in black

The gates of hell
Are closing
Beyond your tell

Girl o girl
You utter these trances
Catwalks, winks and entrances

Girl o girl
Speak the truth
You want a girl in you, girl
That’s why you lure me
Not that you truly love me

You whisper these words
That cut like Valyrian steel
Is it because of love
Or you on time’s sullen wheel

Girl o girl
You burst now with fire
But soon you shall tire
When I’m still young
And full of virile desire
Your charm that was, now dire

Girl o girl
You know what to do
Time’s running out on you


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