Writer’s dilemma

what should I write?
something on point inspite
all the thoughts in my head
thoughts of rhymes unheard
writing is my gift
not a personality shift
it’s the you in me
he, she, they and me

is writing easy? No
it’s all to do with your flow
your thoughts can wander off
and you never know when it’s enough
you just write out of syllables
like a form of inner expression
rule one; all writers are fallible
it is a natural procession

what do I need to be good at it?
wake, pray, sleep and eat
I know I’m not always at my best
but there is no greater test
my nerves work high up
like any second my brain’d pop
I have to keep on going
breaking, meandering and flowing

is what I write true?
everyone is right to construe
wherever these words come from
from such dirty mind, such scum
I know it could be insane
neither a thing of heart nor brain
every source has a defect
as indeed no writer is perfect

such dilemma, such paradox!
opening every Pandora’s box
so many ideas, so much fun
not knowing when’s the next turn
is there a future in this business
for me, I could care less
but I won’t deter from this chord
every rhyme, every breath, every word


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