Timely Soldiers

Time soldiers, time soldiers
Once upon a time, soldiers
Declared state of war on me
chasing me round and round
chasing my pants off, I’m bound
chasing me so I’m never free

ticktack ticktack ticktack
Time soldiers, men in black
sounding horns like little quacks
spraying notes in heavy whacks
men in black, on the track
one, two, three… attack

Timely soldiers, handy soldiers
tailing me, tracking my footprints
on these sands of the hourglass
keep searching for signs and hints
I’m still running, hands in full swings
Hoping someday I’d grow some wings

Timely soldiers, on the clocks
Prepping war in the docks
Tictacking like silent ducks
Haunting me like livestock

Timely soldiers, on the clock
enough is enough, I have to work

(I wrote this some time ago, can’t remember. On reading it now, I’m wowed by my own work)


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