Timely Creation

Once upon a gaze
was an empty, destructive phase
chaos gave birth to confusion
change forever gone was born
then the word began to rhyme
once upon a word, once upon a time

Change made way for growth
law and order swore solemn oath
thought gave rise to reality
so that will might always be free
once a moment stood prime
once a change, once a time

Thought gave sense to word
all in all, matter in accord
creation song so swift
light to bring day’s gift
action that cost no dime
once upon a thought, once upon a time

Evolution began to shape
man, insect, beast and ape
fruits grew as flowers spread
things to touch, things to dread
alas man and woman tasted crime
once upon a being, once upon a time

Life would spring from birth
and decay would rise from death
so the new shall gasp to cry
and when old shall sigh to die
for that which was upon a time
shall always be, mystery and sublime



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