The Truth

you wanna know the truth
the truth is

I sit and imagine
what a world we live in
round earth
made of dirt
legends told in time
in placid lines of rhyme
the mind escapes
soars high and gapes
at a lonely world
imagination unflawed
over sensitivity
heart like a baby
who are these people
clueless and playful
gliding in space
as we run and chase
time and time again
so much love and pain
hearts filled with hurt
every mile, every cut
we turn to our gods
amidst doubtful odds
what is this life
why must man strive
for every meaning
in love and misunderstanding
bitter memories
the past won’t ease
a mind full of regrets
thoughts become threats
oh! Adam’s guilt
taste of forbidden fruit
why was I born
from where I was torn
like our forefathers
their thoughts and whispers
traveling time’s disconnect
all we have now is respect
our hearts brim with fear
our hands move with care
of this future unknown
never seen, never shown
I write to express
express, don’t depress
I dream of a home
somewhere on this dome
cos we are all fated
and family is overrated

now you know the truth


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