Mother, Father and Child

Child: Mother, from where did I come?

Mother: Oh, Naughty you! What prompts such a question.

Child: Mother, why am I here?

Mother: You are here because we love you, silly, your father and I.

Child: Mother, I don’t understand this world.

Mother: Child, you have a long way to go, you will understand life as you go.

Child: But what if I don’t want to go?

Mother: What’s come over you? You sound like your father.

Child: Because I ask questions?

Mother: Look, child, I don’t have time for this.

Child: You never have time for anything, all you do is put color and powder on your face.

Mother: If you don’t stop this now I’m gonna have to tell your father.

Child: go ahead.

Father: Hey there, child, your mother filled me in on your nonsense.

Child: Father, I was just asking questions.

Father: Yea, stupid questions.

Child: How can you bring someone to this world and not attend to him?

Father: We love you, son, and you know that.

Child: Then answer me, why am I here? What’s my purpose in this world?

Mother: Oh, I so didn’t prepare for this!

Father: How should we answer the poor boy?

Child: Mum, dad, I’m scared.

Father: Son, you know, not all our questions can be answered.

Child: But why? I thought there’s a reason for everything. I just don’t see any point in life.

Father: Life is full of surprises, son, and you have to live to witness the surprises.

Child: It looks much like a surprise that I’m here, in this world. Always I feel there could be another world.

Mother: Oh My! What’s come over you, kiddo?

Father: Son, what other world?

Child: I just feel there’s something different from this reality. There’s got to be.

Father: And have you been to this other reality? Like in your dreams?

Child: Never mind, dad, you think I’m joking.

Father: No, son, I just want to be clear on things.

Child: Father, am I in a dream right now? Is that why I’m asking you foreign questions?

Father: No, son, this is reality.

Child: What’s the difference between reality and dream, father?

Father: What do you mean, son?

Child: When I dream, it feels as real as now. Then why is dream any less real than what we call reality?

Father: Son, you are asking too deep questions.

Child: So I’m not meant to ask these questions? Is it a crime, dad?

Father: No, it’s not a crime, but if you keep on this path, it’s gonna tear you up.

Child: Father, do you really care or you don’t just want to lose me?

Father: Son, what has come over you? Of course I care, your mother and I love you so much.

Child: That’s all you guys ever talk about, love. I’m gonna make coffee now.

Father and Mother: Son…


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