Idea is Dead

why am I not surprised
it’s like the millionth time
I’d tell the story straight
no time to wait, no time to rhyme

I had an idea
sure in me and without fear
at my tongue’s tip, it was that near
oh! Stingy me! how come I didn’t share
idea is gone, didn’t know it would die
God! if only I wasn’t this shy
I could be a star, I could fly
no time to rhyme? what a big lie

it was fading, right in front of me
begging to be free, oh, i could see
it is gone, does it mean I’m free
time and time again, cursed is thee
it was so bright, as bright as the sun
it’s got be be a trick, a shrewd con
such a pity, Idea is gone
I’d end the story now, another time to mourn


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