I used to

I used to love you, Ruth
I used to care
but now I know the truth
my heart’s full with fear
why didn’t you tell me
why didn’t you trust me
now it is too late
you made your own fate

I used to forgive
I was so tempted to leave
but I kept my cool
you took me for a fool
why didn’t you come plain
spare me the pain
no, you are just plain wicked
now you’ve been right fisted

I used to know
when you were happy
but then you didn’t show
even the least bit vaguely
I wasn’t a psychic
to know you were a freak
if my friends didn’t know you
you’d have fooled them too

I used to take the blame
without any shiver or shame
now you get to be a saint
as I drown in thick black paint
I wonder where you are
and why you wandered far
and whom you are with
at least you have some guilt

I used to be here
no secrets, all i had to share
but I’m not so sure now
so confused, i look like wow
it is unlike me to give up
you and I were destined to flop
you might think you’ve won
but I’m so far gone


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