Father, why?

I see you brother, sister
I see you wander
these plains of uneven ground
I see as you move
twerking to shifts and sound
who did these, what to prove?

what is this mayhem?
particles everywhere, every where
something seems to be binding them
millions here billions there
moving zag zag and zig
forming things way way big

I see obscure faces
colored skins and traces
furs, claws and tails
dogs, birds and whales
I wonder, are they experiments?
mistakes left in their tents

I don’t know any more
I don’t know deep in my core
what’s real, what’s not
people, magic or pot
I now doubt everything
the genesis of my being

what is this place?
could this actually be hell
maybe it is just a phase
but then how can I tell
but then there are no flames
just greed and hunger games

father! why, o why?
what did we do?
how long must I cry
and look and kneel to you
forgive us our sins
cheats, bribes and wins

I see lifeless forms
another of your threats
where do we go from
many lives, many deaths
would I one day leave this dome
father, would it be for home

father, what must I learn
what is it you teach
I’ve doubted since ten
heard them shout and preach
oh father! Up above
take not from us your love


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