Fame Game (I’m a genius, I’m sorry)

This is the real story
this is how it really went down
they have their tales and mockery
I’m not interested, I ain’t no clown
it all started out well
tagged it my road to success
if they now think I’m burnt as hell
I ain’t no god, I don’t bless

people would always be people
they’d scheme, lie, say things
once I heard som’n funny; a double
funny, maybe too I’m a snake with fins
you never know what people want
to suck their dick, or eat their cunt
once, I was so done with this shit
but my cash was draining down the pit

This is it, guys, the fame game
it’s na’in ‘bout style, it’s all about aim
things you’d do to push your name
things you wouldn’t do to lose, to gain
at some point you’d look like a loser
a dreamer with no game, and less fame
as they say, hate not the player
but damn right put all hate on the game


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