If we live in separate worlds
then how should we adapt
you have your likes, i have mine
and our worlds don’t seem to blend
If love is truly about bonding
then why do we always pretend

I’m a writer you a banker
I deal in words you deal in money
I write you poems I write you plays
you seem to follow but soon delay
and every day is the same story
but for how long would i sing this song

I want to dance I want to drink
I want to club and stop to think
I deserve this and you as much
there’s a brunette out there for me
may be a fellow banker out for you
but this my friend is no love

don’t drag this too long
there is nothing to hide
It was over so long ago
i just needed the guts to tell you so
lets go out and catch some fun
put an end to this life of dreadful lorn



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