Cupid is dead


Go! Send the message abroad
Cupid, god of love is dead
He was shot with his arrow
a thundering one in his back
and now his wings don’t move
as he clings to his bow
his quiver still full of arrows
but one deep in his back

Cupid was out for a fight
to put an end to hatred
and bring love to the world
so he gave away one arrow
as a symbol of love and peace
but hatred thrust him back with it
and now Cupid has fallen
the fall of love, the birth of grief

what must happen to the earth
the symbol of love is gone
now deep in its owners trust
where no man could pull it out
the skies cry unending woe
Valentine’s red has turn to shed
and many would live to tell the story
Cupid died and Cupid bled


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