Do you know that everyone is controlling everyone’s lives to an extent?? Expectations, desires, further expectations, mass psychology (based on expectations). Somehow, I act (consciously or subconsciously) based on what I think others want to see or know about me. This “perception business” has got its dirty ends. Somehow, we are each the other’s demons. And what’s worse; is you can’t tell how much person A has affected your life, (not that person A even knows about such forces!). So you see, this sickness of “insecurity” is driving us on some subconscious level, mad. Oh, are we yet to see more times of ethical perils?


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  1. Everyone changes us just a little more. We are never quite the same after even after a brief encounter. They enter us and we enter them and we all get mixed up ..each time becoming a little more like othe people or imagined versions of other people and even ourselves and so on and so on and so on and…


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