when I see you
your clothes
I see you
your skin
when you come close
I feel you
we bond
when I look into your eyes
I forget me
I am you
I want you

I want all of you
I want your body
I want your clothes
I just want to feel you
every inch
every part
I just want to smell you
every scent
when I am with you
I am at home
your hair
they blow my mind
your carefreeness
it stirs my hope
when I stand in front of you
It’s like our skins glue together
I forget myself
all I know, all I see, is you.
when I touch you
It’s like all of time pauses
unspeakable expressions
when I kiss you
I feel like a balloon, burst with emotions
when I touch you
it’s like I’m in contact with all of nature
Baby, I want you in me
I want your seriousness
I want your sexiness
Baby, just fix your eyes on me
never let go
let’s sink into each other
and forget the rest
cos all I know is
I want you
I just want to love you


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